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About Us

Heavy Haulage - Crane Hire - Heavy Rentals

Heavy haulage, heavy crane hire and heavy rentals

The NQ Group was founded in Mt Isa in 1997, and today is recognised as a safe, reliable and efficient specialist heavy lift and shift company with proven performance in heavy haulage, crane hire and heavy rentals.

The Group's fleet of over 170 units includes specialist heavy haulage trucks, trailers and transport equipment, cranes, tyrehandlers, container handlers, general purpose big forklifts and Mafi style terminal equipment, all sourced from industry-leading suppliers such as Kenworth, CAT Trucks, Drake, Scheuerle, Lienherr, Terex and Hyster. 

The fleet is supported by a staff of over 100 highly experienced industry professionals who are committed to providing the best service and equipment in the industry.

The NQ Group has consistently provided individually tailored heavy lift and shift solutions and reliable on-time delivery, whilst building mutually beneficial working relationships with corporate and/or commercial customers who appreciate value-added service advantages offered by the integrated business model of the NQ Group.

NQ Group has the people, expertise, equipment and systems to undertake just about any heavy lift and shift job. Right across our haulage, crane hire and rentals divisions NQ’s strength is its ability to recruit and retain people of integrity and experience, and the quality and reliability of its equipment.

With NQ Group’s commitment to the resources, infrastructure construction and industrial sectors throughout Australia, and a dedicated management team supported by experienced operators, the Group is well placed to provide its customers with the safest and most efficient heavy lift and shift solutions

Mission Statement

The NQ Group’s mission is to lift  shift cargo and goods safely and efficiently anywhere in Australia. Ask any NQ team member what our aim is, and they will say: To be the best in our field, not the biggest.

We achieve this through the following values:


All people with whom we interact have a right to return home safely. Each of us is responsible for our own actions. We must consider the safety of everyone at all times and in all places. 

Our People 

Our people shall demonstrate initiative and accept responsibility, shall respect and support their colleagues, are encouraged to share knowledge, experience and ideas,and shall remember the importance of safety, community and the environment.


We understand our customers, forge meaningful relationships with them and add value to their businesses.


Our strength lies in our ability to communicate efficiently and effectively with each other. We use common sense and initiative to maximise the potential of our people, equipment and suppliers. 


We maintain our equipment to a consistently high standard. We align ourselves with the equipment suppliers that best support our goals.

Common Goal

To achieve financial security for all, through hard work, waste reduction, and a reasonable return on investment each of us makes.

One Company

Our strength is the Group and, working together, we will best achieve our objectives.