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Franna Crane Hire

The NQ Group Crane Division, which incorporates the Brisbane Lift & Shift business, offers Franna crane hire solutions to suit your specific requirements. With our Brisbane-based crane hire fleet at Rocklea, NQ Group provides state-of-the-art, efficient, safe and reliable crane hire equipment.

Mobile Franna Crane Hire Services

A Franna crane (also known as pick and carry) is similar to a mobile crane in that it is designed to travel on public roads. However, Franna cranes have no stabiliser legs or outriggers, and are designed to lift a load and carry it to its destination within a small radius, then drive to the next job. Designed to lift an object, the Franna crane also has the capacity to "walk" it to a new position.  

In Australia, where large distances are encountered between job sites, Franna cranes are immensely popular. As the ultimate “taxi” crane, Frannas are extremely versatile and multipurpose. This is why NQ Group supplies Franna crane hire solutions allowing for use in workshops, plant sites and mines, not just in Brisbane but all over.

The capacity range of a Franna crane is usually ten to twenty tonnes maximum lift, although this is much less at the tip of the boom. Franna cranes have replaced the work completed by smaller truck cranes as the set up time is much faster. 

Contact our Brisbane Franna Crane Hire Division

NQ’s experienced lift and shift crane team is experienced in the lifting and rigging techniques required for heavy lifts. NQ Group is supported by a fleet Franna cranes from 20t to 25t.  

Need help selecting the right crane for your heavy lift and shift project, contact NQ Group today.

Franna Hire Brisbane 20 tonneFranna Hire Brisbane 25 tonne

Did You Know?

The popular Australian manufacturer Franna cranes, who have been bought by Terex, have resulted in all pick and carry cranes are commonly referred to as "Frannas" even though they may be made by other manufacturers. Franna stands for “Francis and Anna”, the name of company founder and his daughter.